Update on Project Organize Office!

I realized that in my post about organizing our office, I left out one very crucial thing. Photos! Who doesn’t love a little before and after and in between action?

So here they are, ladies and gentlemen. A little dark but well, that’s our office for ya, dark. I think you will get the picture though on what exactly I am dealing with.

So I began by creating a list of everything I’d need to get organized in here. My ultimate goal in organizing each room in the house is to do it as cheap as possible. Yep, I’m frugal and proud of it! I am a firm believer you can revamp a house all the while keeping the cost low. It just may take a little extra creative thought and possibly consulting my ever talented Interior Designer mom. (Hey, it pays to have an Interior Designer in the family!)

Here is my list of wants and wishes for the new office:

  • Remove closet doors {check!}
  • Paint closet walls {check!}
  • Paint trim white {check!} Just adding this one yesterday
  • Shelves for wall behind my desk
  • New lamp for desk
  • New desk chair
  • And of course, rearrange a few things to get a better flow

With a little thrifting and a lot of paint, this should all come together very nice. With adding painting the trim to the project, I’ve decided to give myself a little more time. Another week.

In the meantime, here are a few photos to give you a little sneak peek! I’m so excited with  how everything is turning out!